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I don’t remember how I got here, but I wake in a ballet studio.

As I look around confused, i see in the room height mirrors that I’m now a woman!

I’m suddenly aroused by how sexy I am. Slim, tall and with nice curves. My breasts are peaky and desirable, my legs long slim and oh so smooth.

My hair is fire red now, thick, luscious and falls about my head and shoulders with a feminine grace.

My lips are the kind that as a man, I’d want round my cock and they are currently a deep red.

I’m wearing a white leotard gym top with a sexy little dancers skirt, I’m barefoot and have smooth pretty little feet.

I suddenly realise that there is a warmth and slight dampness forming between my legs. I’m becoming very aroused looking at my new body.

I’ve always enjoyed watching women masturbate, it’s such a sexy thing to see and hear, the groans and sighs, the pained look of pleasure on the face, the way they thrust their hips as orgasm closes in…

I can’t help myself. I must try this out whilst I can. I check to make sure no one is there and head for the centre of the studio floor.

I lie on my back and take one last timid look around. All clear.

First I caress my neck. Slender and slightly vulnerable like any beautiful womans should be.

My hands move to my breasts next. My nipples harden immediatley, I feel my pussy grow wetter.

My hands glide down to my stomach then my pelvis and thighs, I’m dying to start rubbing but I want to savour this moment.

I tease my inner thigh with my long red canlı bahis fingernails until I can’t take it anymore, I need to pleasure myself so badly.

My right hand begins to gently rub my pussy through my lacy panties, I’m so wet it’s on my fingers already and I decide to taste myself. I taste delicious, just like my wife’s pussy and it drives me wild.

I stick my hand down my panties and shove three fingers in, oh my gosh! I nearly cum from the new sensation.

Somehow I regain my composure and begin to rhythmically finger myself, gently at first but soon fast.

I don’t groan as I start to approach orgasm, it’s more a ferocious roar, I’m wild and unchained, a frenzied sex goddess watching herself in the mirrors around the room.

All of a sudden through the pink haze developing in my mind I realise that a group of 20 women are now stood in the rooms doorway, eyes all locked on me in a mix of shock and I sense immense arousal.

They are clearly the other ballet students and the teacher and they are all just as attractive as I am and Im sure they’ve been watching me for some time.

The teacher steps forward, shes taller than me, dark haired and has an air of being experienced in a lot of things.

She casually says “looks like your already warmed up for class, do you need a partner?” to which the other ladies giggle and laugh.

At first I think she’s joking, then it dawns on me this is no joke. All 20 women start moving into the hall, most splitting of into groups of 3 or 4, Immediatley getting to work on each other. bahis siteleri I’m both alarmed and seriously turned on by this, but as try to stand and leave, two of the women ease me back onto the floor and gently hold me down whilst saying “not yet, teacher wants to grade you”.

As I look up, the teacher is stood above me completely naked, she is fucking beautiful, a body even sexier than my own. Shes giving me a look that tells me whatever happens next is neither not up to me, nor should I be worried about it either.

She lies down opposite from me and hikes up one of my legs. All around me is the sound of women being pleasured by other women. It’s so sexy I’m short on breath.

The teacher slides herself up to me and lowers my leg over hers. She is going to scissor fuck me in the middle of this orgy of goddesses and I almost cum from realising it.

She starts slow at first, holding my knee with one hand and supporting herself with the other, working up a rhythm and a heat that makes our woman scent heavy on the air like a sex filled drug.

I try to resist but I just melt instantly. The two girls sense me surrender and loose my shoulders. They lean in and whisper to me “that’s it beautiful, relax. Let teacher guide you”.

As I look around the room it’s like slow motion. The mirrors make it seem like hundreds of gorgeous women are in here. Theres all kinds of sapphic love to be seen, sixty nines, trivbbing, girls just holding each other while they tremble from orgasm.

Teacher has built ups some speed now. Whilst I’ve been distracted bahis şirketleri she’s getting close to the end. Her head is thrown back making loud siren moans that are the sexiest noise in a room full of sexiest noises. She’s thrusting into me so fast and our pussies are so slick together that she just explodes with ecstacy. She screams with pleasure and collapses onto her back.

I haven’t came yet, but still feel amazing. I lean forward to thank her for this amazing gift and notice she has passed out, not from exhaustion but from sheer pleasure.

Before I can say or do anything, the other girls have noticed all this. They descend upon me. The two from before pin me again and tell me not to be afraid, as I about to have the most intense orgasm of my life.

The women all look stunning right now, red and glowing from their own blissful releases, the room smells heavily of passion and once again my senses are inflamed by it.

The next few minutes are indescribable. Nineteen perfect women all pleasuring me at once. Thirty eight skilled hands stroking my body, gently pulling and combing my hair, tickling my thighs and fingering my vagina and ass.

Ninteen mouths and tongues kissing and licking every inch of my tingling body, the sensation is almost like being electrocuted but pleasurable.

Ninteen voices joined in a siren song of moans and groans, telling me how beautiful I am, how wet my pussy is how they’re going to make me cum.

Its all too much for my body to take, orgasm hits me really hard, my entire body convulsed with pure energy and pleasurable pain. I scream. Is swear. I call out to god. My eyes begin to roll back and I feel the girls all kissing my body and giggling at my climax of climaxes, then everything fades to a pure, peaceful black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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