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Warning…. This story is more into romance that sex, so if you are looking for hardcore sex, this is not the story for you…

* * * * *

I am personally very interested in physical activities, sports and the like. We have this association of people in our town who regularly arrange excursions, hikes, competitions and I am one of the first to join. Let me give you a few more details about myself. I am twenty-one years of age and am currently working for a software company. I lead this very dry life with no social activities whatsoever. The reason for that is that I am a closet homosexual. I just don’t like girls and I don’t have the guts to approach any guy. I am probably the only virgin twenty-one year old in this town. The only interesting things that happen in my life are these hikes and sports I was talking about.

As usual I got notice of a hike that was being arranged for the next week. I promptly registered myself and got my things ready. It was going to be a weekend excursion. We normally have a single day hike. This was the first time we were going out on a weekend trip. I was all the more happy. As it was, I had nothing to do all weekend. Thankfully at least the next weekend would pass off eventfully.

I was among one of the first to arrive at the decided spot. I had packed a few essentials in a backpack, which I had on my back. Clothes did not take up much space because I would be wearing shorts and sleeveless tees. Slowly all the regulars started gathering. The only new person was a tall striking man in his early thirties who was with the Dobsons, a couple with whom I exchanged pleasantries. The couple who were in their mid forties had not missed a single outing since I knew them. I really admired their grit. I could not help but look at this man. He was everything I could wish for. A strong face with sculpted cheekbones, muscular arms revealed by a short T-shirt and sexy legs covered with hair. All my pent-up desires came flowing out and I fervently hoped none of the lust that I was feeling was showing on my face. To my surprise, the trio were walking towards me. I wondered what they wanted with me?

“Hello there, Patrick,” Mrs. Dobson spoke. “All set I see.” I just nodded. “Well, I would like to introduce my nephew to you. His name is Jason. He is a hike enthusiast just like you. I figured he could hang out with you during the hike. You see, we just can’t keep up with you lads, and Jason is too kind to leave us behind and go ahead. So if you would be kind enough to team up with him, Robert and me will keep up at our own pace. Would you mind?”

Mind? Was she kidding me? To have a chance to team up with this guy, even though for a platonic hike was the best thing that had happened to me in God knows how long. I would turn cartwheels if I thought people wouldn’t thinks of my as crazy. But obviously I couldn’t let them feel my excitement. A placid bahis firmaları Ok was all I could manage.

Jason came forward and held out his hand. “Thanks a lot ,” he said. “I sure appreciate what you are doing for me. Are you sure it will not be a problem with your friends?” “Uh – I am not answerable to anybody. In fact, it’s just going to be the two of us.”

“Oh that’s great.” With that, he remained by my side till all of us hikers were ready to move.

As usual, all of us did not move together. The trail chosen was very easy to track on a map and all of us had one. The modus operandi was to mark certain landmarks as halts. Everyone could set each or her own pace and make it to the halts. There all of us would sit down to have refreshments and then proceed to the next halt. So Jason and I set our own pace and soon, we had left most of the group behind. He was keeping up very well, I could see. We had walked many miles and he didn’t seem tired at all.

Just to keep talking, I said “I see that you are used to this sort of thing.” “Oh yeah, I am addicted to hikes and walks. Just give me a trail and I am all set. You too are a pro, I see. You have got powerful thighs and calves.” Surprised at this compliment I looked down and saw that indeed, my legs were pretty impressive. Funny, I had never really noticed that. I had not expected him to really notice anything about me. It would have been so nice if he had been gay. So engrossed was I in my thoughts that I didn’t notice a vine on the ground, with the result that I tripped and fell down hard.

A sharp pain jolted up my knee and I was sure that I had definitely twisted it. I felt so dumb. How could I be so stupid. Jason immediately bent down and took my foot in his hands. “Are you ok?” he asked, running his hand over my knee. I felt this wonderful tingling sensation run up my leg. Was it just my imagination or was he softly caressing the back of my knee?

“Uh, no. I am ok. ,” I said. When I began to get up, I promptly fell down. “On second thoughts, I am not so ok. I was hoping I had not sprained my knee, but that seems to be the case.” All at once, I felt this sense of dejection. Why did this have to happen to me just today, when I finally had something to look forward to. Now I would probably would have to return back and I would not see Jason anymore.

Jason began undoing his backpack. He probably had something for the sprain. “You will have to probably stay off that leg for a while.” He sprayed some stuff onto my knee. Deciding to be generous, I said “Look. I probably am not going to be able to continue with the hike. Why don’t you just continue on without me. I’ll wait for someone to come along and help me out. :

“Are you crazy? You will need some monitoring at least for the next couple of hours. I am not going to leave you out here. Let’s get you up and seated somewhere.” Saying that, he gently kaçak iddaa pulled me up to my feet. For an instant I was up against his hard chest. I put my hands up to push him away, but I let my hands remain on his chest for a moment, feeling the strong muscles with my palm.

Was I mistaken of did his breathing get a little fast. But the moment passed and he put an arm around me and lead me to a nearby tree stump. “We’ll wait out here till somebody comes. Then let us see what to do.” The first ones to arrive were a young couple. When we explained out predicament, Joe, the man said, “Well, if you want , there’s a small cabin about ten minutes walk from here. It is not scheduled as a halt because it is not on the main path. But I think you will find the basic necessities out there like drinking water. Its been maintained for such stops only. You could go there and rest for a while, then I the knee is better, you could follow us, or else you could go back.” We decided that it was a great idea. Jason called up the Dobsons on his mobile and explained where we were going. Then we set out for the cabin.

The cabin as expected was pretty small and rustic with just the basic necessities. But then we had expected that. Jason helped me onto the only bed and pulled off my backpack. When he started to undo my shoes, I protested saying that I could undo them myself. He pushed me back gently, saying that I needed the rest. The feel of his strong hands on my ankles and soles were doing indescribable things to me. After pulling of my socks, he sat by my side and took my hand into his. When he gazed into my eyes, I knew that he was feeling the same things that I was. He lowered his lips onto mine and there I experienced my first kiss from a man.

His lips were so soft, tasting faintly of spearmint from the gum he was chewing. He plundered my mouth again and again, thrusting his tongue into my mouth repeatedly. I responded as best I could, sucking on his tongue, running my hands all over him, feeling him as much as I could. I could feel his swelling dick against my thigh, and I caressed it gently, wondering how to proceed. He took matters into his own hands by pulling off his clothes. The sight of his engorged cock was enough to hasten my arousal. I quickly chucked off my clothes too. I decided that I would follow his lead and not think about what was happening.

“I think you are not very experienced,” he said. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He was so sweet, so concerned about my approval. I didn’t think anyone still did that. “I think I am ready. Just go slow on me please.” He smiled at me and proceeded to give me the experience of my lifetime. He ran his lips all over my body, tonguing my everywhere till I could stand it no more. I got down from the bed and asked him to sit up. As soon as he did, I took his cock into my hands and put the velvety tip into my mouth. I took him as kaçak bahis much into my mouth as I could. Wetting his cock with my saliva, lubricating it for all I was worth. He caught the back of my head and pushed my more towards his cock, making me deep throat him.

I loved the tangy taste of his pre cum in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over his cock and balls. I then moved up to his nipples, feeling them with my fingers and then taking them into my mouth. He squeezed my nipples in turn. Rubbing them till they tightened and then licking them. Jason stood up and I knelt between his legs, taking his balls again into my mouth. I then turned my attention back to his cock. I sucked on it again and again till I felt he was about to come. He tried to push me away, but I refused, wanting to drink his cum. With one final thrust, he came in my mouth. I valiantly tried, but I was not able to contain every drop in my mouth. His jiss dribbled down my chin and I lapped it up like a baby. I could see that he was very pleased with me. I in turn was so happy to please him.

“Shall I fuck you now?” he asked pleasantly. Seeing my obvious reluctance, he smiled. “don’t worry, I won’t hut you. I am prepared.” “Ok, but please take care,” I couldn’t help saying. He took out a jar of Vaseline and a packed of condoms out of his backpack. Seeing my surprise, he said simply, “I believe in being prepared for any occasion.”

I went down on my hands and knees on the bed and he rubbed the Vaseline in and around my asshole. He was already hard, I could see that. I couldn’t resist, I turned and took the condom packet from him. I want to put this for you. “Go ahead,” he said, folding his arms on his chest. I ripped open the foil and slowly took it out. He closed his hands over my trembling ones and led me to his cock. I rolled the foil over his seven incher, loving the feel of the slick rubber on his cock. Suddenly impatient, he roughly turned my back and inserted one finger into my hole. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, I do admit, but when he started rubbing his finger in, I could do nothing but push against him, wanting him inside me. He inserted another finger in and when I was used to that as well, he said, “Well, now’s the time. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said. He grasped my hips and slowly thrust into me. Nothing had prepared my for the initial burst of pain and I tensed. “Relax,” he said, running his hands over my hips. “Just relax and the pain will go away. Just give me a minute.”

Finally I relaxed and began to enjoy the sense of his cock filling me. He then began to thrust harder and harder, his balls slapping against my ass. I rocked against him, loving the feeling of his thighs against mine. Finally he climaxed inside me, his cum flowing out of my asshole and dripping onto the bed sheets. I turned back and lapped up his cum from the bed and also sucked his cock clean.

“That was out of this world,” he said. I could only nod in reply, wanting to experience this all once more…

Did you like it so far? Do you want to know what happened on the rest of the trip? Let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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