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This story is 100% true and did happen. I am open to new experiences, and as they happen, I will write about them.


I am a 21 year old straight male, and love sexual activities. I masturbate often thinking about both men and women. Whenever I fantasize about being with another man, I usually fuck myself with some sort of “dick-like” object. Whether it be my electric toothbrush, a cucumber, a toothbrush holder, etc, I love the feeling of something deep in my ass. So one day when I was super horny, jacking off, I switched from a gay porn website of 2 blacks guys fucking the shit out of a white guy, over to craigslist, where I went to look for something that I could fuck.

Like I said before, I am straight, and have never been with another male sexually besides one time where I jacked my friend off in 8th grade. When I went on craigslist I looked specifically under women4men. I found an add saying how this girl loves to give massages and blowjobs. As my extreme like for both of those, I decided to respond to the add. An hour later I received a reply.

“hi there.

i would love to give u an amazing head and massage therapy. still would prefer to host, so if u can travel this way, that would be cool. email me back and let me know if ur still interested.”

So of course, being the horny young man that I am, I replied and said I would love to meet and get some good head. It made me really horny just imagining going over to some girls house and pulling my pants down and having her just suck my dick. Up and down my shaft until I blow my load in her mouth and on her face. Soon after I replied asking for stats of the girl and some pictures, and then I received another response.

“i do have pics before we go any further, i need to clarify that i’m a guy. wasn’t sure if u were aware. BUT i’m no weirdo, just have a thing for pleasuring straight dudes like u. i’m 24 5’9” 145 and not bad looking. i know ur straight and that’s why if ur open minded enough to try something new, u don’t even have to do anything to back to me that would make u feel uncomfortable. U CAN JUST KICK BACK & ENJOY IT AS I GO DOWN ON U FOR A LONG TIME, DEEPTHROAT U, UNTIL UR READY TO CUM. and i assure u, ur gonna cum big time! I’ve only sucked cock a few times, but been told by some frat bros that i give better head than girls. so i hope u’d at least consider. i’m sure u could use great head and perhaps a massage. i’m working on my massage therapy certification and can provide u with a complimentary massage.


When I got this message I freaked out. I didn’t really know what to illegal bahis do. I always fantasize about hooking up with guys and getting fucked by big fat cocks, but I never really actually thought I would do it. So after about an hour I decided what the hell, and sent a message back saying that I would love to bust in his mouth and get a free massage.


I hopped in the shower and decided I needed to wash off before I drove over to his house. My dick was constantly hard, so before I got in the shower I fucked myself with the handle of my electric toothbrush and jerked off until the vibrating of the toothbrush combined with the pleasure of me softly stroking my dick made me cum everywhere.

After I got in the shower, I stroked myself a little more and started to shave both my cock and my asshole. I had no idea what was about to happen, so I wanted to be prepared. After I got out of the shower, I put on a thong that my girlfriend bought for me as a joke. It made me feel extremely sexy and horny. I put on ym other clothes after that and grabbed a backpack and threw some condoms and lube into it. I had no idea what was going to happen so I had to be prepared. After that, I checked my email and got directions to the guys house and his phone number. After that I hopped in my car and was on my way.


It took me around an hour and a half to get ot his house. The whole time driving I was super hard, I just wanted to try something new and this was it. His neighborhood looked like a nice place and he definitely had the nicest house on the block. As I walked up to the door, I had no idea what to expect. I was worried that there might be 10 guys waiting inside to try and beat me up or something. I knocked on the door and a short asain guy answered. He was around 5’8″ and had what looked to be a good body. He introduced himself to me and then took me up to his room.

The room was pretty plain. He had a big bed, a desk, and a tv with a few posters of bands on the walls. I was not sure how to start and the situation was starting to get awkward. Was I just supposed to pull out my dick and tell him to start sucking on it? So I said to him, “How do you want to do this?” He told me he had done this before and that we could start off with an erotic massage. Before the massage though, he wanted me to go shower and clean my whole body off (im guessing he especially meant my cock, balls, and asshole). So I stripped down to my thong right in front of him. He started rubbing my cock through the thin fabric and then pulled the thong all the way down. He started to stroke me faster and illegal bahis siteleri faster, but I pulled away, grabbed my towel, and headed over to where he said the shower was. He followed me into the bathroom and watched as I showered. I lathered myself up with soap and stroked my hard dick right in front of him. He wasn’t jacking off, but I could tell he wanted to because he mouth hung wide open. I even bent over in front of him and fingered myself and rubbed around my asshole. As I began to finish washing up, he left the bathroom and back to his room. What I had just done made me so horny, and I wanted to feel more of that sensation.

I wrapped my towel around me walked back into his room. He had dimmed the lights and had brought out a camera and lotion. He told me to lay on the bed with my head facing toward the tv on my stomach. I could hear him squeeze lotion out of the bottle and start to rub it in his hands. He then put his hands on me and started rubbing my shoulders. It was a great massage, first my shoulders, then my neck and back. As he got down to my lower back, he asked if I could remove my towel. I was nervous, but said sure anyway. He started to grab and caress my ass cheeks. After a few minutes of rubbing my ass and legs, I felt him move his hands into the middle of my crack and stroke over my hole. It was weird but felt great as well. After a few more strokes, I felt him part my ass with his hands, giving him a clear view of my cleanly shaven asshole. He started to blow and the cold wind hitting my hole gave me the chills. He kept blowing and I felt the air getting closer and closer. Then all of a sudden I felt something start to flick and push against my hole. It was his tongue. He licked around my hole and then started to fuck me with his tongue. Deeper and deeper. As he was inside me, he swirled his tongue around in a circle and it drove me crazy. I told him I was going to cum and he told me to hold it in. My lack of experience with guys and the ecstasy I was feeling from this foreign object penetrating me and making me submit to its will was too much to overcome. I blasted a load on his covers, which he didn’t find out til later. After I busted, he continued to rim me, swirling his tongue around going deeper, harder, and faster.

He then asked me to turn over cause he wanted to suck my cock. When I rolled over, he saw the cum on the bed and was sad. He said he wanted to suck my cock and have me bust in his mouth. I told him not to worry because I can shoot my load multiple times in one session. As he started to lick my cock, I got hard again. He took me in his mouth and first canlı bahis siteleri started sucking just around the head of my dick. As time went on he took me deeper into his mouth, eventually deep throating me. I have an 8 inch cock and none of my girlfriends had ever done that, so I never knew how it felt. Well I’ll tell you, it was amazing. As he deep throated me, I put my hands on the back of his head and started to fuck his face as best as I could. Push him down onto my dick while I fucked his mouth and throat. He sometimes had to take a break as he couldn’t breathe. As I continued to pump my member in his mouth and throat, I felt the sensation of another orgasm commin on. I yelled “IM CUMMING” and it felt like I turned a vacuum cleaner on. The kid started to suck and swallow as hard as possible until he had every drop of my cum down his throat.

I layed there for a little bit but he told me he wanted to suck my dick more if I was still able to get it hard. After having blown 2 loads in a little more than 30 minutes, I didn’t know if I could for a little bit. He flipped me over on my stomach again and started to rim me. This time though it was different. Instead of just flicking my asshole with his tongue and sticking it in and out, he really started to fuck me with his tongue. I could feel his tongue go all the way in and his nose press against my smooth asshole. This drove me insane. It made me want him in me so bad. I got up on all fours and started to press back as he pushed his tongue in me. I rocked back and fourth getting fucked by his hot tongue, until I got hard again.

Once he saw my hard dick swaying in the air, he flipped me over and engulfed my hard shaft in his mouth once again. He was like a magic act, now you see it, now you don’t. After a little more of me fucking his mouth, I was ready to bust again. This time I had a surprise for him. I pushed him off of my dick and stood up right over him. I started stroking myself, faster and faster, until I was read to shoot for a third time. I kept pumping and stoking as fast as I could and finally shot a giant rope of cum onto his face. Right across his eyes and nose, and then slapped the rest onto his cheek. He loved it and I felt unbelievably good.

After all the commotion, I quickly got dressed, shook his hand and thanked him for a great time.


When I got home, I freaked out thinking about what I had done. I hopped in the shower and washed my whole body over and over. As I did it though, I was super hard because all I could think about was what had happened. I haven’t done anything like that again but would sure be down to, as well as get fucked in the ass or even try a 3way or gang bang.

If you liked what you read and want me to write more, write to me. Or if you live in CA and would maybe like to meet up, also shoot me an email. O Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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