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There I was, sitting infront of my computer, checking out porn sites, masturbating at the thought of fucking any of these hot chicks. I often do this to relieve the tension when I don’t get laid anywhere near enough (which happens all too regularly I’m afraid). I usually wait until my parents have gone to sleep.

As it so happened on this given night, I was viewing a few anal and mature sites. You see, for as long as I can remember even though I often crave for a tight young pussy, I often find myself wanting an older woman. A woman with experience, who knows how to please a man and in turn likes to explore more. A lot of young chicks are held up with their own doubts and reservations. And for all of my sexual life, that woman was my mother.

I would fantasize about her all day – when she wore jodpers, miniskirts, you name it. My mother also has pencchant for walking around in her underwear too. Which would drive me bonkers. My mother swims very regularly, eats well and almost never has dessert. So she has a rather nice body for a woman in her late fourties. She had beautiful, short black hair and deep brown eyes with a spark of mischief that you could get lost in. Nice wide hips, cute ass. A little bit of extra weight from older age, but certainly nothing to complain about. Made her round butt cheeks that much rounder. Nice plump cushions, begging for a good pumping. Her breasts were just the right size, a large size B cup. So seeing her in her lingerie would give me enough to masturbate all week without thinking of anyone else but her.

I would dream of opening those firm ass cheeks and sliding my burning hot cock right up her tight asshole. Of my mother riding me like a bull, bending her over the couch and shagging her like a dog in heat. I dreamt of it all, all with my mother.

So here I am, whacking off to the pictures of some hot older women getting double penetrated and fucked up the ass, when hear a movement at the doorway. It’s two am and nobody should be up. I freeze still, with my hand down my pants. Looking across at the door way I can see it’s my mother.

My mother had woken up to go get something to drink and must have heard something. And she sees me with my hand down my pants, giving myself a good tug and she decides to stand there, having a drink, watching me the whole time. I knew that when I was younger my mother had caught me masturbating and I never forgot it. When you’re young and stupid you don’t think much of it. When you’re twenty one and supposedly an adult still living at home, that’s something else.

She was wearing a lacy blue satin gown, with nothing else undeneath. I could tell because not only were her large, perky nipples so erect they must have been straining against the fabric, I could smell the overpowering musk of a woman who was horny. My mother was horny and I had made her that way.

She walked over to me with my hand down my pants still. I was frozen stiff! She glanced at my monitor with a faint smile. “So that’s what you do up so late at nights….” She mused. My mother stared at the monitor, glaring at the older woman getting DP’ed by canlı bahis şirketleri two young men. She was so horny, she just sat her glass down at my desk and started playing with herself! Right there! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

My mother was fingering her clit and pussy lips, breathing heavy. She then looked at me with the most lust-ridden eyes I have ever seen. “Is that what you want to do to me, Jason?” she asked. I managed to nod. I was not ready for this response. Her other hand slid from her silky thigh up to my crotch. She began to knead it gently. “Julie told me what you and your friends did with her….”

My mind went racing at about a thousand miles an hour. Julie was my sexy neighbour that I had fucked repeatedly and also gang banged with about ten or more friends of mine. Oh, we used and abused that sexy woman. We fucked her in every conceivable way. If she was talking to my own flesh and blood about this…

“She said that I had to take advantage of that young cock under my own roof and if I didn’t I would be a fool.”

Without another word my mother pulled my pants down to my ankles. She could now see my stiffened member, at a modest six inches but thick like a pole, glistening with precum. Paying no heed to the fact my father was asleep under the same roof, she took a hold of my cock. Kneeling down before me, as if to pay me homage, she stopped fingering herself. Our eyes met and I could see that all she wanted was to pleasure me, unlike any other woman had ever done before. Then her delicate ruby lips wrapped themselves around my cock she began to suck.

My mind reeled as my mother proceeded to give me the best blow job ever. Better than any other woman I had ever been with. I don’t know if it was the tension of knowing that what we were doing was so wrong, the risk of getting caught by her husband (and my father!) but it was inexplicable. She worked the full length of my cock, taking it all in. She fondled my balls, even taking them into her mouth. She pumped away at my cock. I could barely maintain my silence. I could feel the pressure building for what would be the most earth shaking orgasm ever. I stammered…
“Ma…. I’m… gonna cum….”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth, now covered in saliva and gave me a pearly grin. Her eyes shone in a way I had never seen them before – wanton lust. “Then cum for mommy…”

She sucked my cock even harder with more intensity and speed, pumping the shaft as her tongue flicked underneath. I could feel my balls starting to shake and hear myself grunting. Mom just moaned as she sucked away. The pressure inside me grew even further, until she gently squeezed my balls. Grabbing her by the hair, blew my load like shotgun blast as it pelted against the back of her throat. Mom held onto me tight though and not once choking. She took it all down. I came – again and again, wave after wave – it felt like an eternity as I shot wave after wave of hot white cum into my mother’s eager mouth. I was lost in the moment, caught up in the most erotic moment of my life.

After I had stopped, my mother then sucked canlı kaçak iddaa and licked my cock completely clean. Still in shock from the mindnumbing blowjob my mother had just given me (and the shock that she was the one who gave it) I was still erect. She then lifted her small gown revealling her hairy mound. Spreading her legs she positioned herself so her pussy was right above my cock.

Leaning into me, she sank herself down slowly, shuddering as I entered her. My stiff prick, pushing it’s way into the most wonderfully soft, yet tight pussy I’d ever felt – the very pussy I’d sprang from over twenty years ago. I didn’t care it was wrong, and judging from the look on my mother’s face, neither did she. How could something that felt so wonderful be so wrong?

All the way inside her now, I grabbed her soft, curvaceous ass cheeks for support, pulling her even closer to me. She moaned softly in delight, wrapping her legs around me. I took the gown and slid it off over her head. I was now holding my mother, completely naked – fixed there by my cock deep inside her. She began to rock her back and forth, shuddering, leaning into me as her silky breasts pushed into my chest.

Leanining back I opened my mouth to kiss her. She met my kiss, opening her mouth for our tongues to begin their dance. Oh my god, was she good. We rocked back and forth slowly at first, but my mother was starting to assert some control. She started to buck furiously, bouncing up and down on my dick. She bit down on her lip hard to avoid screaming out aloud in delight, as she grinded her clit into me.

Squeezing her asscheeks hard and slapping them in approval I pulled her up and down harder, grunting softly in approval. She built up the pace, faster and faster. I could hear her breathing become more labored as she approached climax. Leaning back, I held her back, sucking and biting her nipples, squeezing them hard. I was desperate to take her all in me.

She wouldn’t stop! Unlike so many other chicks I’d been with, they rarely lacked the stamina to keep going. Not my mother! She rode me for, I don’t know how long, riding me like a bull. At this point, we were sweating like it was a hot summers day, lost in lust, fucking like animals. We grunted and moaned and cursed each other.

“Yeah mom, fuck me you cheap slut! You fucking whore – you’re my whore now!”
“That’s it Jason, cum inside mommy… your mommy wants… needs your cock… deep inside her…”

I could feel the momentum of the orgasm coming. So did my mother no doubt, as her breathing and her hips were gyrating faster and faster. I looked into those lust ridden eyes “Cum in me Jason… cum with me…”

Hanging onto her ass for dear life, she wrapped her legs around me. We bucked back and forth and to silence our moans we kissed passionately. Mom began to moan – really loudly. I should have been concerned, but I wasn’t. She broke our kiss to whisper in my ear. “Jason! I’m cumming!”

With that, the heavens broke. Squeezing her butt as hard as I could, spreading those soft butt cheeks, I came with a force unlike anything I had ever known. canlı kaçak bahis My mother sighed loudly into my ear. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” – as my cum pumped deep into her womb, filling up her glorious pussy.

We clung there, lost together, as we came in unison. Wave after intense wave of pleasure washing over us like waves crashing against the shore. We were both exhausted. But we did not want it to end. Not then. Not ever.

I pulled my semi-flacid cock out of my mother’s sopping wet pussy. Leading her over to the floor, I put my mother on her knees. Still panting she turned to me, “Fuck me in the ass Jason!”. Holding my now half-erect member, still slick from our cum, I thought I’d loosen her ass a bit first. Spreading her ass cheeks, I slid my tongue into her ass. I licked the full length of her crack, tasting her cum mingled with my own. And I enjoyed it! Parting her ass even further I then licked the rim of my mother’s anus. She squirmed in delight beneath me as I kneaded her cute ass and worked her nether regions.

As I heared her pant and moan I felt my cock become more and more erect. I then slid my tongue deep into her well lubricated anus. She shuddered in delight. The taste didn’t phase me at all. All I could think about was that my hand was in my mother’s pussy, full of my cum and my tongue was in her ass.

“Oh yeah, tongue your mommy… stick it in there… oooh yeah… “
When I noticed her rocking back and forth on my tongue, pushing it deeper as she rubbed her clit I decided that I didn’t want her getting off just yet. I got on my knees and guided my still slick, full erect cock straight into her asshole. She just sighed deeply as it sunk right in without any resistance.

Positioning myself so I was squatting over her, I grabbed her wide, chubby hips and proceeded to fuck her up the ass. Working slowly she continued to massage her clit.

“Ohhh yes, mommy likes that… come on Jason, fuck your mommy in her ass… “
Believe me, I fucked like there was no tomorrow. I began to fuck faster and faster. My mom’s breathing became heavier and heavier and she bucked furiously beneath me, matching my thrusts. I fucked her so hard, her ass must be raw!

“That’s it, cum in mommy’s ass… that’s it, fill mommy with your cum my love! Yess… yes!…”

I couldn’t hold it. Fucking my mother, with her talking dirty to me like that was more than I could bear. I grunted out “Ok mom, here I cum!” and slammed into her ass as hard as I could as my cock exploded, shooting cum deep into her bowels. She then squealed so faintly beneath me. She was cumming with me! Twice in one night! I couldn’t believe it. Her climaxing with me only made more intense. I slammed my hips against her fat ass, again and again, making sure my cock had shot out every drop of cum. Each thrust was like I was cumming again and again, as my slut of a mother drew out every orgasm from me.

I held her there forever, roocking back and forth, enjoying every moment of being inside her ass. I eventually with drew as I began to shrink. She promptly turned around and sucked my dick completely clean! Even after it had been in her ass! I ran my hands over her face and body as she stood infront of me.

“Thanks for the great fuck Jason. We’ll have to do this again.” She simply smiled, slid back on her night gown and walked out, taking her glass with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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