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Well, at 19 years old, I have had a life times worth of passionate sex. Many times with girls from school and college, fucking beauties, with long blonde hair, beautiful firm tits, bodies chiselled from super models and asses, oh my fuck, what perfect asses.

Since I was sixteen years old, my dad encouraged me to go out and get laid, but to always use a rubber. It was the night before my seventeenth birthday when I got laid for the first time. It was the best thing that I have ever felt. No blowjob, or handjob or any other sick form of pleasure you can think of is better than fucking the shit out of some hot pot of gold.

I should probably give you some info on my self before I carry on. My name is Mathew, I am 19 years old. I am a good looking dude, with dark brown hair and blue eyes that you can drown in. I am in good shape, nice and toned, and I am nicely hung. Although my dick is of average length, about 8 inches, it is fucking thick.

Now since I got a grip of the whole puberty thing, I have been a horny little fucker. I wanked when ever I could get a chance, at school, at home, in bed, on the toilet, at a mates house, even in a public toilet.

I practically lived on porn, spending hour apon hour glaring at the computer screen full of honey getting there pussies stuffed by all sorts of other things. My favourite type was lesbian fisting. I lived on that stuff man.

But when I wasn’t sitting in front of the PC, checking bahis firmaları porn, I was creating my own, sitting on the shitter, fantasizing about anything that could get me off.

Then one day, I was 16 at the time, it beckoned on me that by fantasizing about the woman who gave me birth, helped me out a hell of a lot. Thinking of my mom while pumping my shaft, was the best thing I ever felt, of course this was before I got laid for the first time.

Now let me tell you about my mom. She is by no means beautiful and is a billion light years away from being a model of any sort, but I am so fucking hot for her. She has got these amazing tits, like fucking huge things that you can get lost in, and this ass, that was like twice as wide as I was, but oh my god, I wanted it so badly.

Eventually I was sneaking out at night, so that I could watch her through the bathroom window, while she undressed herself and had her shower. On one particular night, she took of her clothes, and her nipples were standing out like an inch, and her thick black bush was glistening with her juices, so much so that I could smell her.

It was then that I decided, this woman would be mine. My dad had a work thing coming up, that he had been talking about for like a month, so I had time to plan my invasion. I made sure that it was just me and mom at home that weekend, my sister was conveniently invited to friends house.

When my dad left, I lost my kaçak iddaa shirt and jumped into the pool. Then I got out with my bod dripping, and walked past my mother to see if o got a reaction. I did. So I went to the booze fridge and grabbed a six pack of drinks. I handed my mom one and I opened one, and there we sat drinking. This was 12h30. By 17h00 she was pissed and I can hold my liquor. It was now or never.

I made my move. I suggested we play some strip poker or a naught version of truth dare. That worked, she opted for the truth dare. She got the first arrow at her and chose truth. I asked her if it was true that she was checking me out earlier that day, and she shouted out “hell yeah”. She insisted on going again, obviously this time with dare. So I dare her to lose all her clothes.

I think she must have caught on because she stood up, removed her clothes and then winked at me. She moved to the dinning room, and sat on the table, opening her legs and spreading her cunt.

Oh, I wanted it so badly. I got up and walked over to her. I took this amazing sight in for a second, and her amazing smell. It was amazing the way her beautiful pink pussy peeked through her bush.

Before I knew it, I was eating her out with a passion, and she was riding my face moaning in pleasure. She then started screaming my name, and she showered my face in her cum. It tasted so pure, so fucking good.

I was sucking her tits, while she was kaçak bahis cleaning my face of her juices. She then moaned into my ear, three words, that I will never forget. “I WANT YOU”. With that, I spun her over, and put her in doggy style. I shifted a bit, teasing her clit with my rock hard piece of blue steel, and then bam. I shoved into her with a vengeance.

She was so good, so tight and so wet. I rammed in and out of her for about ten minutes like that, bringing her to three orgasms that shattered glasses. I whispered to her that I wanted her thick juicy ass.

So I pulled out of her cunt, her juices dripping out all over the floor. Her beautiful little ass hole was already lubed up with her juices but I beant over and sucked on it a bit. I first slipped a finger in and fucked her with my finger for a while, then two and eventually three. By this time she was loose enough for me to get in, so I sucked her ass juices of my fingers, then I slowly started to ease into her ass.

It was so good, as I slid in inch by magnificent inch. Once I had the whole thing in, I picked up the pace and was pumping her ass harder and harder. She was screaming in pleasure and pain, crying for me to fuck her harder. To ram her tight little whole. I didn’t last long in there, she was fucking her clit furiously, so she started to cum as I was cumming in her ass, she begged me to shoot my load up inside of her, which I happily done.

After this I was so done for, that I whispered to her tomorrow I will rape you again. Wand on that bombshell, I got up, cleaned my fingers of her juices again, and walked to my room.

And tomorrow is another story all together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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