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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the sixth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

This is the second chapter involving Mark and his mother Sandy. As the situation becomes more romantic Mark learns Hank is looking for proof his wife is unfaithful. Sandy and Mark continue to push the limits regardless.


With basketball over I had some time off in the afternoons to spare. I returned to assist the inspector’s part time. The classes at the college were a breeze and by January I finally received my diploma. No pomp and circumstance for me but that was fine, for mom it wasn’t. Sandy wanted to go all out but we negotiated it down to just the family going out for dinner at a very nice restaurant.

The waiter was clearing the salad plates when Hank asked the question.

“So Mark, what are your plans now that you have graduated?” The question was appropriate and asked politely. Sandy for some reason took offense.

“Hank, the ink on his diploma has barely dried!” We all looked in her direction. Her outburst was that unlike her. Sandy never made a scene in public, and rarely in private. As the old saying goes she wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouth full of it! This raised so many flags in my brain, but the first thing I needed to do was diffuse the situation.

“Actually Hank I am glad you asked. I meet with the counselor at college Monday and we are going to pick out some classes for me to take for the next semester.”

“Maybe he needs some time off?” Sandy protested. She was only digging a bigger hole.

“Its ok mom, I think staying busy would be best, besides I want to go to a university one day. My plan is to get the basics over here and then transfer the credits.” I explained.

“That way I can live at home and save some money. When I do find the right school I won’t be too much in debt when I graduate.” I looked at mom she was all but in shock. Hank was smiling.

“Well I mean I can stay at home can’t I?” This brought her out of her funk just before Hank took notice.

“Mark your mother and I will…”

“Yes you are staying at home!” Sandy was as animated as I had ever seen her.

“Yeah well you two don’t really count. Let’s ask the people who really run the house, Kit, Matt what do you think?” I asked. Again I was trying to down play her outburst.

A resounding chorus of yes slipped across the restaurant.

The main course came just in time and we returned to our normal family dynamics. Mom kept trying to get me to focus on her but I avoided it at all cost turning my attention to the twins. There would be time enough to clear the air later, this wasn’t the time or place.

I was driving down the street the next week. Mom had asked me if I could take the twins to practice so she could go in early. Hank’s truck was in the drive as well as mom’s car. I was concerned but had a feeling nothing was serious. I parked next door and walked to the back of the house stopping short of the patio door. When I heard their voices on the other side of the screen I slipped into the garage.

“Hank what are you trying to say?” Sandy asked upset.

“Sandy I am not saying anything, I am just concerned. You have been acting irrationally at times.” Hank replied.

“I am not.” The way she just said that would lead me to agree with him as I listened in.

“Look all I asked is what the two of you do down there all the time.” Hank said accusingly.

“Look Hank, you told me to take care of this and I did. I checked him every day for months, weekly now and surprise testing just to keep him honest. And just so you know I will continue to as long as he lives under this roof. It takes five minutes for the results, I wait ten or more just to be sure. And yes I watch every time to make sure he isn’t cheating. Now if you want to take over…”

“I never said that!” Hank snapped back.

“I do it at five in the morning when you get up, when you are home. I want him to know what you go through every day to provide for this family. I want him to know you are right there should he think I am not serious. Now you think there are shenanigans going on? I can’t lose him again, he is my son!” there was an awkward pause. “He is our son, we cannot lose him!” She sobbed.

“Sandy you know I try…”

“Hank we are not going there! He is our son, that is all there is to it. Now do I have your permission to see this through or are you taking over?” Sandy challenged him.

Sensing the conversation would be coming to a close soon I retraced my steps illegal bahis back to the neighbors drive. I would know one way or the other soon enough. Thinking better of driving away I took a more conspicuous route around the front of the house. Picking up today’s newspaper I walked up the drive and headed to the garage knowing I would be seen if they came out the door. The door opened behind me, I heard someone exit the house. Turning I saw Hank.

“Hi Hank!” I said cheerfully.

“Your home already?” he asked a bit surprised.

“Yea, mom asked if I could take the kids to practice. I guess she is heading in early.” Carefully trying to be at ease. “Oh, I saw the paper was here?” I headed in his direction handing to him. I could see his antennas were up.

“What’s in the garage?” He asked bluntly. Ah I thought, he’s fishing!

“Just checking my oil, thought I would look at the air pressure on the tires one looks a little soft.”

Just then the bus pulled up out front and the twins jumped off.

“Want me to take them? I can blow off the rest of the day?” He asked. I knew he was suspicious since he had never offered to take off work. This was a trap for sure.

“Na, I promised mom. I kind of get a kick out of watching the geeks try to play sports. Besides I can study while I am waiting.” He looked surprised with my answer. I guess he figured if we were messing around I would want to hang around and spend time with mom.

“Don’t want to corrupt you Hank, but you are welcome to come along if you want? If you do we should get moms car, she can take my truck.” Any suspicion on his part was wiped clean with that offer. Tucking the paper under his arm he flashed an awkward smile.

“Maybe next time sport, I better get back to work.” Just as he turned mom walked out of the house.

“Hi mom! I am just going to check a couple of things on the truck and I will be ready to take them.”

“Thank you Mark, I will let them know.” She replied.

“Sure, have a good shift!” I replied, not wanting to overdo it. I entered the garage but not before I saw the look she gave Hank.

“I will see you later honey.” Hank said.

He walked in her direction but she turned her back and went into the house no doubt informing the kids. I picked up a rag and the air gauge and headed back to my truck making sure he saw me as he drove off. It was all I could don’t to turn and go back but I didn’t. I instead completed the tasks I said I would. I almost expected to see mom in the garage when I returned but she drove away as I finished. I knew if he was really suspicious Hank could check out her departure anywhere along dozens of spots as she drove to work.

I actually had a good afternoon with the twins. There were plenty of laughs and I got my studying done. As I watched I had time to process what I had heard earlier. Practice was almost over when my phone rang. Answering it I was surprised to find Hank on the other end.

“Mark can you take the twins out for a dinner, I will be here for a while, my treat of course.”

“Sure Hank, no problem.” The twins were thrilled as the team often stopped for pizza after practice. I was the only non-parent which made for interesting conversation.

I knew something was wrong the minute I walked down stairs. Something is out of place, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. My first reaction was to look around but I knew better. I undressed and while doing so gave my room a cursory look. Someone had been in here. I went to the bathroom and dropped my dirty clothes in the laundry room as I always do. Turning off the light I confirmed my suspicion.

I could fake that I was restless but there was no need, I was. At 11:30 I donned some sweats and headed to the kitchen. I pulled out some antacid and a glass of water. Opening my textbook I seated myself so I could see the back door and the living room. Right on cue mom came through the back door.

She looked at me in the kitchen and started to say something. My hand gesture hidden from the front room headed her off. Sandy went right to the basement. She had just cleared the last step when he appeared.

“I thought I heard your mom come home?” Hank asked looking in the kitchen.

“Yea, she went right downstairs, probably can’t wait to get out of that uniform.” I didn’t even look up from my book only pointed to the stairs.

“You’re up late.” Hank said still looking at the staircase.

“Couldn’t sleep, too much cheap pizza!” I held up the antacid bottle. “Must be getting old?” I laughed he just grunted.

Obviously his mind was on other things. I went back to reading the book not looking up. Mom was taking her time that was for sure. We both knew she was aware he was in the kitchen. I almost thought he was going down to get her but he wisely waited. Sandy came up with her robe pulled tight around her.

“Hi mom, good tip night?” I asked. I could see she wanted to make a scene but thinking better of it she went to the fridge and pulled out a juice bottle.

“Good tip night, but a those illegal bahis siteleri extra hours sure seem to drag on. What you reading.” She sat down beside me. Hank was in no man’s land, any way he went he was going to lose.

“You coming to bed?” He asked. No he didn’t! Hank what are you thinking?

I have been throwing life preservers since early in the day and you take the anchor chain. Not his shining moment.

“Well I thought I would sit down for the first time since I left. Ask about Matt and Kit’s practice, and then when I finish this drink take my shower. After that I was going to slip into bed with you and let you jump my bones. But honey you are in the bottom of the ninth, a three two count and you have fouled off the last five pitches.”

“I should leave.” I said as I started to get up.

“Sit!” Sandy shot me a warning glance that she wasn’t pissed at me but that could change.

Turning her attention back to Hank I could only pray he was smart enough to just leave. She left his manhood intact when she added that honey to the last sentence.

“Good night Mark.” Was all he said.

There was silence as he left, Sandy closed her eyes for a few moments and then started a conversation about the twins and their afternoon practice. I could see she wanted more.

The next morning I was staring up at the basement ceiling. I was trying to decide how to see how far Hank went with this. I figured Sunday would be the best time to do it. Today I would do some recon. The exterior of the house was clean. Besides cables would be too hard to hide against the siding. That left inside the house. I checked the garage just to make sure it wasn’t out there. Nothing.

Thinking further I figured he used old left over or repaired parts from work. Knowing Hank nothing too exotic. He wouldn’t want to buy anything so that meant a four screen monitor, and some low resolution cameras. Maybe a recording device since he wasn’t home often. I knew one camera was in the laundry room. I figured one was probably in the bathroom that would leave two for the bedroom. It only makes sense one would be focused on the bed. If there was a fourth most likely near the dresser and the love seat. Running it full time would be a waste. It must be on a switch or timer.

The attic would be the most likely location for the recorder but in our house it would take days to set it up and hide everything. No the monitor and recorder are probably together and close by, fewer cables, less obtrusive. Then it came to me! The furnace room would be the perfect place. No one ever went in there but him. He had several places to hide it and he could watch it in there if we were gone without interruption and still know if anyone came home. The problem is if it’s on a timer it would be running when he was gone. My best chance was to look when he is around. By that afternoon I had a plan.

As the holiday seasons approach I have just a few exams to take before the semester ends. I am on the dean’s list and ahead of schedule. With a couple of extra classes I can graduate with a two year degree before fall registration at a state university. Matt and Kit are now well in their teens, and have blossomed in their own ways. Funny, smart, outgoing, they are becoming young adults. As siblings we are close.

Occasionally they come to me and ask questions they don’t feel comfortable asking others. Hank is still the same, he has a routine and lives by it. Predictable is the word that comes to mind, that isn’t a slam, because I have learned that dependability, honesty and integrity would also be appropriate. At least until now.

His current obsession, trying to catch us fucking aside, he is a good man. Sandy on the other hand, is anything but predictable. I have learned so much about her and from her since Jerry passed. I still get tested weekly. I still save the notes of encouragement left on my bed (the twins get them also). Then there are the other items she leaves me to keep things interesting sexually.

Sandy seems to be at a crossroad, things have leveled off. Enjoying our heavy petting sessions has replaced the excitement from our initial encounters. She wants more I can tell, I can see it, and I can feel it. Our relationship is still hands off, non-verbal and I love it. This is her agenda and I am just enjoying the journey. I will wait a little longer, and then test the water, just so she knows I am willing. With Hank on the prowl it’s wise to be cautious, but I have a plan to handle him.

Hank was in the garage cleaning his golf clubs for the next day, a one hour ritual at least. I slipped in turning on the monitor so I could see the camera angles. The bathroom was focused on the shower only. The toilet where we usually stay is in the other direction. Even the mirror wasn’t in the view, an easy way to get more coverage.

The laundry room was the worst. Long and narrow it only covered the last five feet, basically the washer and the dryer. You couldn’t see who came in and out or what they did unless it was at the machines.

The canlı bahis siteleri cameras in the bedroom was the most logical but all he would ever see is the notes she left and maybe a pair of panties. With the cameras he was using he would have a hard time knowing if it was Matt or me let alone read any message or know if it was my laundry. I verified there was no audio and the tape system was only capable of holding two hours at a time.

Knowing he couldn’t change them that often he depended on an old mechanical timer to turn it on and off. I thought of messing with the equipment but I figured I was better off not to. First he might suspect I found it, second he would be forced to get something more sophisticated.

For now I would keep tabs on his surveillance and adjust accordingly. I saw no need to tell mom just yet, it would only make her mad. My plan was to stay out of sight when we were together and let him think he had us covered.

Saturday night the twins were at the school game. Hank stayed home. It seems his golf game had been suffering of late and he wanted a good night sleep. I am sure the surveillance gave him piece of mind. I was in my room when she started down.

I moved off the bed and into the hall as Sandy as reached the last step. She stopped and looked at me down the hall just a few feet. I thought of telling her now but she seemed indecisive. I seldom make the first move but I did this time. Slowly I moved to her and placed my hands on her hips. Sandy let them rest there. Patiently I waited for her to make the next move.

Sandy held her ground for over a minute before she placed her hands on the side of my face and pulled me in for the kiss. I could feel her tits were loose under her robe as they swayed against my chest.

The step she was on brought her closer to my height, she was enjoying it. I was still resting my hands on her hips. I slowly gathered the material from the front adding it to the back. The opening in her robe widened ever so slowly.

I pulled loose from her kiss just enough for us to look down. The lapels were hung up on her nipples, the cleavage large and wide. To my surprise she was wearing no panties. Her large bush hiding her pussy for now. I grinned and let her kiss me again.

I was in a pickle. If she had no panties on that meant I would have to wear them. Breaking free I undressed. When I was naked she was holding a shiny pair of pink panties. I slipped them on so she wouldn’t have to move. Returning to our previous position we kissed again.

Her pussy was at the perfect height to stroke my cock. Her course hair was harsh against the head of my cock sticking above the waist band of the panties. The discomfort was no match for the pleasure the rest of my cock was getting. My hands still holding her hips through her robe help hold me in place.

Sandy was getting wet I could feel the material soak my cock. She widened her stance forcing my cock deeper in the folds of her pussy. Wider again I tried to adjust with her to keep the contact she needed. I looked down as she tried to fill her lungs with more air.

Her clit was out but the angles were wrong in this position. Sandy was desperate now. She was moving her hips trying to find a way she could scratch the elusive itch she needed to complete the journey.

I could only think of two ways to accomplish it without stopping and getting repositioned. My hand, or my mouth. The first presented its own limited dexterity as I faced her, the second would be easier. I figured my tongue would be much more fulfilling for both of us and I wanted that clit in my mouth.

I went for broke. Swiftly I went to my knees.

“Mark!” she gasped quietly.

I looked up making sure. The signs were there, she was surprised but needy. Her hands started pulling my head to her sex. Double check. I had just made contact with her clit with my tongue.

“NO!” (Ok maybe it was “no”) I couldn’t believe my ears. Her hands still held me tight right where she wanted me. This ‘no’ wasn’t stop and let’s talk this over. It was not wait and think this through. It was ‘no’ clear and simple.

I pulled my head from her hands. I released her hips as I backed away.

“I didn’t …”

“You said no.”

“But Mark…”

“No means no.” I replied. I was devastated. Not only because we stopped but because I knew we both really wanted this.

I picked up my clothes and entered the bathroom closing and locking the door. Sandy knew what the lock meant.

I spent some restless hours thinking about what had taken place. Did I read her wrong? Was I rushing things? Was I doing what I wanted for me? I didn’t think so, she said no. If she said it by mistake it was a poor choice of words. Now at least she knew she could trust me if she chose to use the word again.

Little did I know how soon things would progress and how prophetic my thoughts were? Soon events coincided in my favor. Was it luck or Karma?

Days later I was in my room working on a list of text books I would need for next semester. I heard someone on the steps. At first I thought it must be mom. She said she was doing the laundry and asked if I had some dark clothes to fill out a load. I turned to find Matt at my open door ready to knock.

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